Marketing myself – say waaa?

It’s been so sunny here in the PNW, and it’s a beautiful spring! With more spring in my step, this gal is brimming with idea’s! I started looking at a camera lens I’ve had my eyeball on for awhile and since I need a job, I thought (like I have many times before) maybe I can make some cha-ching with this fine lens.
But here’s the deal… I’m not completely comfortable thinking I’m some hot shot photographer. I’m more of a humble ‘joe’ so to speak. Now I do have the fine art degree, studied with the best of ‘em, a Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa member but I don’t advertise all that ho-hum stuff. Some of the photographers I’ve met, who call themselves professionals, act all puffed up and ego’d out which is totally not who I am. (I’ve never been impressed with most their work either I might add). Marketing myself isn’t my strong point, as I’m a bit of an introvert and can be kind of shy. And I don’t want to manipulate people, lie or such to get business either. What am I trying to say, you may be wondering? So the bottom line is, I just don’t quite know how to market myself to get more work besides some of the basic stuff that seems to brings in no money. That’s it, plain and simple.
Time to get my Sherlock Holmes hat on and do some investigating.

rolling in the dough


Paper Dresses?

I noticed at the Bellevue Art Museum in Washington State, they’re showing beautiful dresses made out of paper.  There is quite a few of these stunning dresses in different styles and prints of fabric.  Truly a display I would love to see.

As I was cooking breakfast this morning, and saw something that gave me a spark, I couldn’t help but think of a body of work I’ve created/creating.  “For lordy day, I have my Oregon Trail dresses!  Why don’t I get those exposed to a broader audience?”  I said to myself.  Then I started thinking about the covered wagon and other things I wanted to add to the collection.  Sounds like excuses to me!  This is an ongoing series, because I have many other designs to sew, with a big HAVE TO to create that covered wagon!  But in the meantime… doesn’t hurt to move forward with a bit of exposure now does it?


Whooo hoooo! We’re blogging folks!

Teenie Weenies Inc. is celebrating it’s first blog. 

     We’ve been busy trying to get the construction done on the website, when now we’re starting a blog! Oh my!

I would like to use this brand spankin’ new blog to announce our new line of greeting cards.  They were unveiled at the Washington County Studio Art Tour and they were a smashing hit!

Teenie Weenies Inc. latest line of greeting cards.

       This is just a wee tiny sample of our full line of cards, and more will be added shortly.  If your interested in a closer look, or to view the full line, visit our website or our store on Etsy.